January Reflection Period

As exciting as it is to be blogging, I want to establish a routine for the future that will help my personal development and give my readers a chance to catch up on my posts. This is why every month, for the last 5 days, I won’t be making a new post. This will give my readers and myself time to reflect on the strides not only I have made, but that they have made that month in preparation for the one ahead.

Sometimes frequent posting can make people feel rushed to be up to date and so they skip straight to the latest post. I don’t want my readers to feel that way. Your opinions and support for a post I made 10 days ago are just as important as they are for the post I made an hour ago, and so I’m always interested in your thoughts on my content, whether it’s expressed in the form of a comment, a like or a share.

Since January was the start of my blog, I feel that I need an extra day to reflect and so I’m starting this reflective period early. I’m not gone. I’ll still be working on new content and checking for comments; but my hope is that you’ll take this time to engage with my posts, read ones you were unable to before, and reflect.

This isn’t only my reflective period. It’s our reflective period.

As always, your opinions are welcome in the comments of any and all posts, and Tiff will be back to take February on the 1st.



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