February Reflection Period

I jumped in with both feet when I started this blog, and the overwhelmingly supportive feedback I received from those most important to me, as well as absolute strangers, was utterly stunning.

Stunning to the point where though I had much to say in February, I decided to take what I had learnt from my first month of self exploration and just live life with my goals in mind. So whilst I did not post for month, my blog was not forgotten; my life was just remembered.

It’s easy to think you’re being productive by making a list, but it isn’t until you start knocking things off that list that you’re really accomplishing something. By blogging I’ve been expressing and exploring all the aspects of myself and my life I’ve either ignored or failed to look too deeply at before. As such, I as was making my list, but I realized I wasn’t actually knocking anything off.

That changed in February.

In February I really worked on being OK with me. Not the me I wish to be because I’ve been told that’s what I should aspire to, or the me I used to be. The current me.

I came to the conclusion not just in doing, but in feeling that I’m good enough for me, and because of that I’m good enough for anyone. So with this confidence card in my deck of self development, you can look forward to more posts from me this month.

Tiff is still on her quest for world domination, so stick with me because I’m not going anywhere.

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