New Beginning, Old Game

I’m not a blogger, not yet anyway. But I decided to do something different in 2018; something unexpected of me that would challenge me as a person, and funnily enough I decided to be different by doing the age old thing of starting a blog.

Now don’t judge me too harshly, it wasn’t a choice I made lightly. But since I’m not one for pictures or videos of myself YouTube was out, and my social media presence is limited to Facebook even though I have an account for pretty much most popular platforms. I’ve decided to blog to share the internal workings of my mind with the world, and my adventures with those who care enough to read about them.

I don’t know what will become of this blog, my obvious hope is for it to grow into something spectacular that I can be proud of; but for now I will use it as a space to document my life for me, until I’m given a reason to document it for others. I HOPE I don’t become another forgotten blog of the new year, and here’s hoping 2018 is filled with interesting things to share.

So allow me to introduce myself, belatedly I know, but I’m Tiffany. Tiff to my friends, and hopefully you’ll enjoy watching (well reading about) me trying to take the world. One shaky, almost falling on my butt (can I say a** here?) step at a time.

“Can you say a** on word-press blogs?” – Tiff 2018

Actual image of me holding the world up

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